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Through its signature Wendy’s Wonderful Kids? program, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption? provides funding to adoption agencies to hire recruiters who work?on behalf of foster-care children throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Click here to learn more about our child-focused recruitment model and to see how we are making an impact.?


Our Commitment to Honest Food

Quality Food

Our commitment to delivering on the expectation of superior quality is real.?Learn more.

Meal Builder

At Wendy's, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the?choice?to customize our menu items to fit their personal tastes and needs. Meal Builder allows you to build or tweak any items on our menu before heading to the restaurant.?Learn more.

Nutrition & Health

We're proud of the food we serve, and strive to give our customers the information they need to make informed choices.?Learn more.

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Responsibility Initiatives

Supply Chain Practices

We work to bring safe, wholesome ingredients to our restaurants. Learn more.?

Environmental Sustainability

Wendy's knows the journey towards a sustainable future for our planet is an on-going process and requires commitment, and we are continually working to reduce our impact on the environment. Learn more.?

Wendy's Corporate
Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

?Finding forever families for children in foster care. Learn more.

Animal Welfare

One of Wendy's key supply chain practices centers on the humane treatment of animals where we have been recognized as a leader for many years. Learn more.

Giving Back

Wendy's was founded with the belief that a company should do more than sell a product or service. It should support the communities where it does business.?Learn More.

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Corporate Responsibility

Wendy's is focused on continuously improving our Corporate Responsibility performance and making a real difference. Learn More.

A Great Beginning

The Wendy’s system is proud of the opportunities we provide to thousands of people with different backgrounds, education levels and life experiences. We provide a place where people can gain skills and advance -- through their initiative and abilities -- into higher positions in our restaurants or use their experience as a stepping stone to other possibilities.

Success Made to Order